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Advanced IELTS  word list 3 Empty Advanced IELTS word list 3

Post  erwannur on 14th November 2012, 20:39

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Here is the words for Advanced IELTS candidates . These are really very helpful. This is the list 3. ebullient iconoclast eccentric idolatrous eclectic idolatry efficacy imminent effigy immutable effluence impair effluvia impassive effrontery impecunious elegy impede elicit impermeable elocution imperturbable eloquent impervious embellish impetuous emollient implacable empathy implicit empirical implode emulate importune endemic imprecate enervate impugn engender impunity enhance inadvertently enigma inamorata ennui inchoate ephemeral incongruity epigram inconsequential epithet incorporate equanimity inculpate equipoise incursion equivocate indefatigability erudite indeterminate esoteric indifferent estimable indigence eugenics indigent eulogy indoctrinate euphemism indolence euphony induce evanescent ineffable exacerbate inert exculpate infelicitous execrable infusion exigency ingenuous exigent inherent expatiate inimical expound innocuous extemporaneous insensate extrapolation insensible exult insidious facetious insinuate facilitate insipid fallacious insolent fatuous insouciant fawning insularity felicitous intemperance fervent interloper fervor intractable fiduciary intransigence filibuster intransigent flag intransigent rancorous intrepid rarefied inundate rarefy inured recalcitrant invective recant inveigle recluse irascible recondite irresolute recreancy itinerary recumbent laconic redoubtable lassitude refractory latent refulgent laud refute lethargic rejoinder levee relegate levity remonstrate litigate renege log reprehensible loquacious reprisals lucid reproach luminous reprobate magnanimity repudiate magnanimous rescind magnate resolution maladroit resolve malevolent responsive malfeasance reticent malign reverent malinger revile malingerer ribald malleable rubric martial sage maverick
salient maxim salubrious mendacious sanction mendacity satiate mercurial satire metamorphosis saturate meticulous

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