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Post  eyeshield on 19th January 2014, 10:20

Funkyfile is a exclusive PPD Network that pays on a net3 basis, withdrawl once you reach 5$ have the money 3 days later, really awesome, here it goes!
   To get started, you must register for a FunkyFile account. To do this, simply visit the website and fill out the online application form located in the registration area. The information you submit will be forwarded to a FunkyFile staff member for evaluation.
   Remember to keep your application formal. Lack of grammar and an obvious display of poor literacy will instantly lower your chances of getting approved.
   This is self-explanatory, enter your full name.
   This is self-explanatory, enter your full adress.
   This is also self-explanatory. Enter your email address.
   Remember, always use real information when signing up.
   If you do not have a website or blog, (in Promotional Methods) you are to explain of how you are going to make money and bring traffic to your FunkyFile offers. Make sure to be honest about it. If you have previous experience with other PPD networks like Sharecash for example, make sure you screenshot your earnings and show them that you are a dedicated earner. Also state where you are going to get your traffic from. Remember to use proper punctuation and grammar so you do not look inexperienced.
   All applications are checked over and accepted / denied based on the quality of your application, so you better be damn sure that you write down your methods in (Promotional Methods Box) to get accepted, if you already are with other PPD Company, attach some screenshots of your currently earnings.
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