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FP Markets – Home to the most satisfied clients Empty FP Markets – Home to the most satisfied clients

Post  erwannur on 6th January 2017, 06:52

FP Markets is an Australian company providing Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Margin FX contracts (Forex for foreign exchange).

Since commencing trading in 2005, we have become one of the major players in the CFD market. We offer CFDs under what is referred to as a Direct Markets Access (DMA) CFD pricing model. .

FP Markets is one of the most awarded companies in the industry, winning awards from Smart Investor, Investment Trends, Money Magazine, and The Bull and a 5 star rating from CANSTAR CANNEX.
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Our DMA CFD pricing model provides fair and transparent prices. We fully hedge each and every exposure we have to our clients with respect to CFD trading over any exchange traded instrument. It’s in our best interest for you to be as profitable as possible, so we offer education ranging from webinars, seminars and client support. And that support is offered 24 hours a day: FP Markets offers access to CFDs based on domestic and international underlying markets such as equities, indices, futures and commodities and also in Forex.


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