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Post  erwannur on 27th April 2015, 16:29

Aji.Li is a simple script made for anyone to be able to turn a long URL into a shorter address.
Aji.Li is a place to make money With Google Adsense Revenue Sharing 75%.
Get money using your Short links with Adsense revenue sharing 75% in 2 steps :
Create a shorter url and Protect it with Aji.Li service.
Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, forums,personal websites and any social networking sites.
We are a free URL shortening service with a twist..
Get paid by Adsense to share your links on the Internet!
Our Link Protection Is Fast Becoming One Of The Most Recognized Suppliers Of Physical Security And Consulting Services Giving Extra Privacy Protection Without Breaking Any Illegal Rules. Protect Your Affiliate Links From Parasite Software And Link Hijackers Also Giving You A Chance To Hide Your Own Link From Spammers And Links Collectors Spywares



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