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Post  erwannur on 28th February 2015, 06:44


DISA works to connect the development professionals as well as organizations to leverage opportunities and communicate faster to deliver the results. Their work is guided by our objective ‘Discover, Connect and Share for the Better World’. Their strength is our supporters, members and development sector professionals who believe in their choice of profession and believe in continuous development themselves with search and share the knowledge.

Their services:

   Announcements of Jobs, Internships, training, workshop, fellowships etc related to development field
   Information about funding and grant opportunities
   Training and Event support
   Creating and searching of development opportunities for the members
   Walk-in event solutions for NGOs (from concept design to organizing conference/workshops/trainings)
   Advertising and promotion for development sector
   Build up a good database of development professional
   To create volunteering support through encouraging volunteerism.
   Sharing of updated fundraising techniques
   Social media promotions and e-newsletter distribution
   For more information on plans and services,


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