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iPad Keyboard ''Makers K82'' Empty iPad Keyboard ''Makers K82''

Post  erwannur on 28th May 2013, 08:28

This is about ''Makers K82 3 in 1 Aluminum Case and Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad 2 & iPad 3 & iPad 4''
who have function :
- Home key to get back the home screen of iPad,you don't need to move your figure up to the iPad,just move your left pinkie slightly then you will get back to the home screen. It's really convenient.
- Search key to get to the search function. You don't have to move your figure up to the iPad and press the home screen,and slide right on iPad screen to get to the search view. Just do it one step by Search key.
- Dimmer key to dimmer the brightness of your iPad screen,when you want to save some power or whatever,you don't need to do it by going into settings.
- Brighten key to brighten your iPad screen,when you can't see something clearly. It's really convenient.
- Input method switch key to switch among English,Chinese,Japanese,France,Spanish and so on. You do have to do this by going into the setting.
- Previous key to play last song. You don't need to quit the current view to get back to homescreen and then go to music app.
- Next key to play next song.
- Pause key to pause the playing song.
- Vol- key to volume down your iPad,you don't have to move your figure up to press the physical vol- key;
- Vol+ key to volume up your iPad,
- Mute key to mute/un-mute your iPad.
Only $29,99 from http://www.jsxltech.com/collections/c1-appleaccessories-c2-keyboard-c3-ipad/products/3-in-1-aluminum-case-and-wireless-bluetooth-keyboard-for-apple-ipad-2-ipad-3-ipad-4
iPad Keyboard ''Makers K82'' K83_wi10


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