iPad Mini Keyboard ''Makers M11''

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iPad Mini Keyboard ''Makers M11'' Empty iPad Mini Keyboard ''Makers M11''

Post  erwannur on 28th May 2013, 08:04

This is about ''Makers M11 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Apple iPad Mini''
This makers have features :
-Bluetooth 3.0 Interface
-Material : Aluminum alloy
-0.28KG of weight
-The Color is Blue\Black\Red\Silver\Chartreuse
-Battery Type : Lithium Polymer (130mAh)
Only $19.99 USD from http://www.jsxltech.com/collections/c1-appleaccessories-c2-keyboard-c3-ipadmini/products/makers-m11-wireless-bluetooth-keyboard-case-for-apple-ipad-mini
iPad Mini Keyboard ''Makers M11'' Makers11


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