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Nexus 10 Keyboard  Review Empty Nexus 10 Keyboard Review

Post  erwannur on 10th April 2013, 19:52

The keyboard on the Google Nexus 10 is very
accurate and responsive, there's never any
delay when typing and unlike the Nexus 7 it
features haptic feedback to provide more of
a tactile sensation. Another new feature of
the keyboard is 'gesture typing'. This works a lot like 'Swype' - an app which
has been available on certain handsets for a
while now. Specifically it lets you slide your
finger across letters to create words rather
than typing them. It's surprisingly fast and
intuitive and for our money it works at least as well as Swype. There's also a fairly
accurate voice option, which lets you speak
what you want to type - although it's not
accurate enough for us to have full confidence
in it. However you choose to enter text, the
keyboard also does a good job of predicting
what word you're trying to enter and auto-
correcting any mistakes. It's a big keyboard too, meaning that it's easy
to hit the right key and as a result mistakes
are rare to begin with. Despite the size
there's still plenty of screen visible with it
open, both in portrait and landscape. As
always with Android if you don't get on with the keyboard there are plenty of alternative
options available from Google Play. The settings screen can be accessed either
from a button on the notifications screen or
from its own dedicated icon and as the name
suggests this lets you tweak all the various
options on the Google Nexus 10. For the most
part it's identical to the settings screen on any other Android device, with options for
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, display, storage, privacy
and more.

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Nexus 10 Keyboard  Review Empty G10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Post  eyeshield on 10th April 2013, 20:16

Makers G10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Aluminum Protective Case for Google Nexus 10 by JSXL $59.99 $100.00 The one who buys from us,shoots a video clip on how to use this keyboard case and send to us,will get half refund. This Makers G10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Aluminum Protective Case is for Google Nexus 10. It is the first high build quality low cost keyboard case stand three in one for your Google Nexus 10. It is made of high end aluminum alloy and built quite sturdy. 1. As a mobile wireless keyboard ,you can t it around,and you can put it 10 meters aw from your Google Nexus 10. You can use i compose email,edit document or so. Quite convenient. 2. As a case,you can put your Google Nexus upside down and close it,your Google Nex 10 will get protected from front,and ther are three wedges to lock your Google Ne 10 so that your Google Nexus 10 won't ge fall off easily. 3. As a stand,there is a slot on the Makers G Keyboard Case for your Google Nexus 10. You can plug your Google Nexus 7 in port mode,or in landscape mode. It is up to yo It also has many highlight features as follows. Bluetooth 3.0 interface. If you don't kn anything about Bluetooth 3.0. Here's s comments about Bluetooth 3.0:The Blu 3.0 specification supports data rates u 24Mbps over a shared 802.11 radio, a but significant step towards the techno becoming a de facto protocol for ad ho secure wireless peer-to-peer networks.Higher speeds and better ba life are among the benefits introduced Bluetooth 3.0, according to the Bluetoo Special Interest Group (SIG), thanks to power controls and the use of 802.11 connections for transmitting large file high build quality and high end stream aluminum alloy body; 300mAh built-in battery to make it sta for 30 days,work for 5 days; many function keys to simplify your operation with your Samsung tablets make your Samsung tablet life easier; smart sleep mode to save power; quiet keystrokes for 20 million times; Dust-proof design; keys made of high end ABS material; stylish look and sturdy assembly. home key to switch between Apps.


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