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Galaxy Note 8.0  Review Empty Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

Post  erwannur on 10th April 2013, 19:50

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is definitely for
reading and casually browsing the web. It's
also for much more than that — this is a
Galaxy Note, after all, not the lowly, lazy
Galaxy Tab. It's a tablet for getting things
done, made for People Who Get Things Done. It offers tools to that end that none of
its rivals match, from an honest-to-
goodness multitasking system to the S Pen.
I have to say, too, the Note 8.0 is the first
tablet I've ever felt almost works as
productively as my laptop. Almost. Every phone and tablet manufacturer talks
about multitasking, but what they mean is
essentially task-switching. You're not doing
more than one thing at a time, you're just
moving between things more quickly. On
the Note 8.0, you are really truly multi- tasking, using more than one window at
once — you can browse the web and take
notes at the same time, or look up an
address in Maps without having to go
through Android's awkward copy-and-
paste process. It doesn't work with every app, but it works with Chrome, Gmail,
Maps, and a handful of other key ones —
that's a big leap beyond what the Galaxy
Note 10.1 used to offer, though still not
nearly where I'd like it to be. It also, well,
works: there's no half-second lag while the system switches between one app and the
other, as there was on the Note 10.1, and
both apps work fluidly. You're legitimately
doing two things at a time, for maybe the
first time ever on an Android tablet. (This
was until now the biggest advantage a Windows tablet like the Surface RT offered.)

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Galaxy Note 8.0  Review Empty Makers S8U Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Post  eyeshield on 10th April 2013, 20:06

Makers S8U Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Folddable Leatherette Protective Case and Stand for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 by JSXL $49.99 $80.00 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 was launched recently and became one of the hottest tablets in the market. To keep up with the trend,we have designed and released this high end keyboard case for it. This Makers S8U Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Foldable Leatherette Protective Case and Stand is for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. It is an high end keyboard case stand 3-in-1 for your Samsun Galaxy Note 8.0. 1. As a mobile keyboard ,you can use it anywhere ,anytime,to compose email or t edit document or whatever requries fast typing. It is wireless,you can also put it 1 meters away from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. 2. As a protective case,you can use it to host your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0,and your Samsung tablet will get protected both fr front and behind. The case is made of hig end leatherette,it touches well and feels 3. As a stand,you can use it to back your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 so that your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will stand firm securely. 4. As a detachable keyboard ,you can attach keyboard when needed or you can detac and walk around. There are three colors for you to choose from - blue,red and black. Please pick up your favorite color and enjoy your life with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.


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